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You’re new to film, but not a novice either. You’ve made a couple of features and have interned for several months or even years at Advent. It’s time to venture on your own.

To help launch your career, Advent began this program so you can lead a department, run the whole show with other equally talented and experienced associates. You’re all in it together as contributors and profit-participants.

It’s risky, but we’re doing a few things to mitigate those hurdles.


How Does One Get Involved?

First we need to train you, not just in the aspects of production, but everything else.

You begin with some tools we provide:

  1. ATTEND our annual 2-Day Film Workshops

  2. WATCH our Film Workshop DVDs (if you can’t attend a live workshop)


  4. APPLY for an internship

  5. VISIT us online through future Webinars

  6. WORK on our film sets (provided you have done some previous work from above.)

If you’re serious about film, there’s no excuse not to get involved.


Career Launching & Building

the Advent Associates 
film program

Yes. It’s hard, but not impossible. You need certain ingredients as follows:

  1. 1.A great script that’s tailor-made for your ultra-low budget. That means limited number of cast, just one or two locations, and set-dressing with high-perceived value.

  2. 2.A hungry crew who love and respect each other because of their collective experience.

  3. 3.A paid professional cast who’s looking for character-driven stories that can showcase their performance skills.

  4. 4.A supportive community who will donate funds, loan props and locations, provide host-housing, cook meals, make costumes, and joining you in prayer.

  5. 5.Top-notch filmmaking tools (borrowed) and techniques (learned), applied efficiently.

  6. 6.Oversight by experienced professionals who have strong business & marketing skills.

  7. 7.And most importantly, constant prayer and reliance upon God, the master storyteller.

Advent Brings Distribution Relationships

Thousands of people make feature films every year. A great number of them fail to find their audience and make a return on investment. So what’s different about this program?

Distribution makes all the difference.

Advent has made marketing and distribution relationships for its previous films. We have a good track record of production and distribution. Retailers have benefited from income earned from Advent products. They are eager for more quality films from us.


Can You Really Make a “Good” Movie For Only $20,000?

A LETTER TO: Parents  |  Students

  1. attend a film workshop

  2. watch workshop DVDs

  3. read our film book

  4. apply for an internship

  5. work on our film sets