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There is no other book like FILMMAKING FOR CHRISTIANS. It's not an "outsiders" view of Hollywood (as in OUTSIDE HOLLYWOOD by Isaac Botkin) or an "insiders" guide to Hollywood (as in HOW TO SUCCEED IN HOLLYWOOD by Ted Baehr). FILMMAKING FOR CHRISTIANS sits in the middle. It balances the tension between being plugged-in to the film industry, yet supports the need for Christians to offer an alternative to Hollywood fare.

The book also covers practical aspects of the filmmaking process: business, legal, finance, sales, marketing, distribution, and production. FILMMAKING FOR CHRISTIANS is ideal for aspiring film students, their parents, and media professionals looking to pursue feature filmmaking.


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  2. 500-pages in PDF Format

  3. Learn filmmaking processes and principles from a Christian worldview, covering: business, legal, finance, sales, marketing, distribution, and production

  4. Filled with practical advice, real-world applications, examples, questions and answers, and how-to’s

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