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“Ken Wales called me late one night from Los Angeles, wanting me to conference call with him and Bruce Broughton, the composer,” Escobar recounted. “I almost fell off my chair. Bruce is one of my favorite composers, especially for his work on ‘Silverado.’ And now he wants to talk to me about writing the song for ‘Alone Yet Not Alone?’ I was thrilled and honored.”

“We were in the middle of pre-production when the work began on the song,” Escobar continued. “Ken Wales truly had his eye on the ball when he insisted that the song is the linchpin of the production. After thinking about it, I knew Ken was right. We had an opportunity to introduce a new musical classic. I asked that Bruce and Ken consider writing a song as memorable, powerful and timeless as the famous hymn, ‘Amazing Grace,’ known by millions and sung by countless people. They were thinking along the same lines. That commission was a tall order for anyone to attempt, let alone deliver. Bruce (music) and Dennis Spiegel (lyricist) were not afraid, thank God. They set to work immediately and in about two weeks, I got a call from Ken and Bruce, wanting me to sit down, and over the phone at my basement office they played the song ‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ for the very first time. I loved it immediately. They nailed it. We had a song for the ages. And now it is nominated for an Academy Award. What a journey.”

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Best Song Oscar Nomination

2014 Academy award nomination for best original song
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George Escobar and Michael Snyder, Advent co-founders, had the honor of serving as co-producers of this film. Escobar also served as co-writer and co-director.

Advent’s involvement began from the very beginning, with Escobar crafting a treatment from the novel given to him by the executive producer. Escobar was later commissioned to write a 120 page screenplay from a 130-page single-spaced manuscript. After a series of rewrites the script was developed into a multi-million dollar movie production, with Advent Film Group hired by Enthuse Entertainment for key production elements. Snyder began securing local crew, while Escobar began the casting process and finding locations, working with executives from Enthuse, as well as award-winning filmmaker, Ken Wales, producer of AMAZING GRACE and the much beloved TV series: CHRISTY.

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“This inspirational true story is sure to get to your heart and elevate your spirit. Don’t miss it - go see this movie!”

- Dr. James and Shirley Dobson

“If you want to have an entertaining and enlightening understanding of pre-revolutionary American history, I recommend, ALONE YET NOT ALONE”

- U.S. Senator (PA) Rick Santorum

“This is a GREAT film for your entire family!”

- Peggy Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Pre-production story of the song...

The Oscar nominated song performed by Joni Eareckson Tada.