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  1. 1.BEWARE OF FILM SCHOOLS. Do not automatically assume that going to film school is the answer to your educational needs. Fortunately, you have alternatives. Two of them are the new Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center at Liberty University and Bob Jones University Cinema Program. Another online alternative is through the Advent Filmmakers Center for Training and Discipleship. Our FREE book chapter explains Advent’s approach to filmmaking. Click here.

  2. 2.EXPLORE THIS SITE. Check out the resources we’ve made available. We don’t just teach in theory. We practice our craft and compete in the real marketplace.

  3. 3.ATTEND THE CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW FILM FESTIVAL. It’s one of the best instructional and family-oriented film festivals purposely organized to build-up and edify the Christian filmmaker.

  4. 4.READ ABOUT ADVENT. Google us. Read articles, listen to interviews.

  5. 5.PRAY FOR US. Advent is a boldly Christian film production and distribution company. We do not shy away from showing God’s truth and His stories in the films He has allowed us to make. But neither are we “preachy” about it.

Advent Project Status

  1. Come What May (available now)

  2. HERO (in release)

  3. Alone Yet Not Alone (a work-for-hire project, in release)

  4. The Screenwriters (in post-production)

  5. The Cat of Bubastes (script completed)

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Steps to Consider

letter to 

Greetings from Advent Film Group. We appreciate your interest in Advent. We hope you're here not just because you're passionate about filmmaking, but because you want to "seek God's will for your life." You've probably heard that challenge before from family and friends. You may or may not believe that challenge, but somehow you're on our website.

We believe your visit is not an accident.

You're here because God wants you to consider the kind of film you should make. We believe that there are only two types of films possible:

Film that DRAW us toward Christ.


Films that PUSH us away from Him.

That's it. Every film ever made, every film you will ever see, seeks to draw people toward Christ or push them away. This choice is not the same as choosing a film genre, such as dramas, thrillers, or comedies, etc. Genres are the forms of expression for the story. They are the vehicles by which a story is conveyed to the audience, but they don’t define the destination of the movie.

Whether you know it or not, filmmakers exert an ENORMOUS influence in society. For many, it is this outsized influence that they find so attractive in this profession. Of course such enormous power to affect people's lives also demands great responsibility and accountability.

We want to help you make a wise and responsible decision. Advent wants to give you the best training possible, but not just any training. We want you to gain skills and knowledge to make movies that glorify God's name, not yours.

To carry out our mission, Advent offers an alternative to traditional film schools and media programs. We have a fourfold training combination that is practical and proven. They include:

  1. 1.Self-instruction (which requires self-discipline) using lessons and interviews (soon available on this website), as well as direct instructions from professionals at our film workshops and webinars.

  1. 2.Hands-on experience during the actual production of a full-length feature film that will be marketed and distributed to audiences worldwide.

  1. 3.An internship and/or apprenticeship at our business or production offices, working directly with Advent associates and other professionals, including Advent's co-founders, George Escobar and Mike Snyder.

  1. 4.Making a professional-quality low-budget feature film where each department is headed by an Advent associate* who, as co-owners of the project, will share in the profit from the film. This provides these associates an opportunity to launch their own film companies.

Check out other film programs. Look not just at the cost of training but also the FRUIT of their teaching. Examine the films coming out of these other film schools and programs. When you look at the total cost, Advent can save families the equivalent of $80,000 to $150,000 per student over four years of tuition payments.

The first step in your film training is to pray diligently about God’s will for you in this endeavor. Examine the resources available from this website. If you are 18 years or older, you may also qualify for an Advent internship or apprenticeship. Complete this internship form (click here) and we'll send you more information.

So ask yourself: Which kind of film are you going to make? What kind of filmmaker are you going to be? We encourage you to pray for God's guidance as you make this life decision. We pray you will choose to become a filmmaker for Christ, for His glory.

We are here to help. Thank you again for visiting us.


George Escobar and Michael Snyder

*Advent associates are those who work at Advent and have undertaken training through our workshops, webinars, hands-on production, and internships (short-term work with us) and/or apprenticeships (long-term work, six months or more).


Dear Students,

A LETTER TO: Parents  |  Students

  1. attend a film workshop

  2. watch workshop DVDs

  3. read our film book

  4. apply for an internship

  5. work on our film sets