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Workshop Dvds

Overview of the Hollywood and the Film Industry

What is the New Christian Film Movement? 

Feature Film Production Workflow

Launching Your Film Company

Raising Money: Part 1 - Various Methods

Raising Money: Part 2 - The Investor Presentation

Planning Your Film Career - From Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults

Overview of Film Production and Distribution

Developing your Story and Screenplay 

Casting, Rehearsals, and On-set Directing

Post-Production: Editing, Sound Design/Mix, Color Correction

Marketing and Promotion

Distribution Roadshow

Purchase the 4-DVD Set - $149

Over 13 hours of Instructions

Bonus Material DVD including presentations, clips, documents and materials for business, production, marketing and distribution.

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Topics Covered:

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4 DVD Set

This film workshop was videotaped at Patrick Henry College and covers the same course material as the two-day live event. The 4-DVD set provides some of the very best training for those who are interested in learning how to make, market, and distribute full-length feature films.

Take a major step in discovering and joining the NEW CHRISTIAN FILM MOVEMENT. Learn from those who are making a difference in cinema and changing culture for Christ.


“I've been through 4 years of film school and I had never heard the business side of it. Until now. AFG included both the Technical and Business side of things which was very helpful." -- Kylene Arnold, cinema program graduate

"Thanks for the outstanding workshop this past weekend. It was well-worth my investment many times over. The thing that most impacted my thinking was your explanation of your overall approach with COME WHAT MAY. The idea that a Christian filmmaker should approach his work with an attitude of service to - and in partnership with - other organizations has just totally opened my thinking. Building on this idea, you taught us that this service/partnership approach is both how a Christian film gets made and why it gets made. There's no way I could put a monetary value on this one idea."
-- N. McKinney, Attorney


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