Advent Film Group

is an independent film production and distribution group established to create excellent Christian films by raising up excellent Christian filmmakers

Our Philosophy

We believe that the only way to create great Christian Films is to develop great Christian Filmmakers.

Our Training Program

As a part of our mission to raise up the next generation of Christian Filmmakers, Advent Film Group provides professional cutting edge training opportunities through internships, seminars, and our FREE Online Introductory Film Course.

Our Film Team

Filmmaking requires teamwork at every level. See who has worked with us on each project.

Our God

When making films, whether Christian or secular, we can never be truly successful without the redemptive power of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the sole standard for beauty and truth. He is our director, and we make all of our films for His glory alone.

Why is it that Amazing Grace and Chronicles of Narnia were “Directed By” secular filmmakers?

                 What if We Could Change this?

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