Title: Be Thou My Vision

Source: Life of Tim Chambers

Value: God’s Sovereignty

Location: VA, MD, ILL, NYC

Shoot Date: (In Development)


Title: Parental Rights & Abortion

A Constitutional Crisis

Source: Companion to the Movie

Call to Action: Passage of Parental Rights Amendment; Overturn Roe v. Wade

Location: TBD

Shoot Date: (In Development)


Title: “Come What May”

Source: PHC Moot Court story

Value: Principle vs. Compromise, Sanctity of Life

Location: Virginia, DC

Distributor: Provident Films

Official Release: March 17, 2009

Official Website:

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Title: Soli Deo Gloria NEW EDITION

Media: DVD, online downloads

Subject: Homeschool Debate

Release: Fall 2007

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Title: "Hero"

Writer & Director: Manny Edwards

Producers: George Escobar, Mike Snyder

Starring: Burgess Jenkins, Gregory Alan Williams, Keith Harris

Subject: Baseball, Fatherhood

Location: North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia

Status: In Post-Production

Funding: Accredited Investors (Click Here)

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  Other Projects in Development


Working Title: Writers’ Block

Source: Screenplay by Elizabeth Stinnette

            Story by George Escobar

Value: Good morals, trust and respect.

Location: Northern VA

Shoot Date: October 2011

Working Title: Pilgrim’s Progress Musical

Source: Allegory by John Bunyan

Value: The Christian Walk

Location: VA

Shoot Date: (In Development)


Working Title: The Cat of Bubastes

Source: Novel by G.A. Henty

Value: Being Equipped by God

Location: TBD

Shoot Date: (In Development)

Working Title: There For Me

Source: Guys For Life

Value: Classified

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Shoot Date: (In Development)

Working Title: Red September

Source: Screenplay by Michael Collander D.Phil.

Value: Classified

Location: TBD

Shoot Date: (In Development)

Current Projects